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2017 FDI Moot Calendar

22 September (12:00 UTC) All Global Teams must enter ALL Team Members in their team profile

CILS will only certify the participation of those team members who have been entered here on or before 22 September 12.00 noon UTC/GMT.

Additionally, by 1 October, 12.00 noon UTC/GMT, you MUST make sure you indicated which of those will be attending the oral hearings (enter Y in the appropriate box) otherwise name tags will not be prepared for them and they may not be admitted to the venue.

More importantly, any advocate not entered correctly with S for student and Y for Oral participation will not be scored as his or her name will not appear in the score database.

If you sign up more than 5 people for the Global Orals an extra fee per person (6th and beyond) may be due upon arrival at the host institution for covering additional catering and related cost.

25 September (8:00 UTC) Respondent Memorials Due

26 September (9:30 UTC+3:30 IRT - Iran) Iran National The Indian Society Of International Law, No:# 9, V.K. Krishna Menon Bhawan, Bhagwan Das Rd, Connaught Place, Government Officers Colony, India Gate and India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate New Delhi, 110 003

18 September (10:00 UTC) Memorial Review by Memorial Judges via Internet

31 October (12:00 UTC) Assign Orals Team Captain

Only the Orals Team Captain will be permitted to sign in, attend the pre-hearings Q&A with all arbitrators and make official submissions to the organisers on behalf of the team.

2 November (9:00 EST) Team Sign-In and Orientation - Suffolk University Law School, Boston

2 November (10:00 EST) Team and Arbitrator Q&A - Suffolk University Law School, Boston

2 November (11:00 EST) Preliminary Hearings: Thu, Fri, Sat - Suffolk University Law School, Boston

2 November (18:00 EST) Opening Ceremony, Reception - Suffolk University Law School, Boston

5 November (18:00 EST) Closing Ceremony - Suffolk University Law School, Boston

2 November (9:00 EST) Global Finals

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