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Clarification Requests 20171

Teams may submit requests for clarification of the case, e.g. of factual ambiguities, if the States have ratified a particular convention, etc. The case committee will be reluctant to respond to requests that ask for a legal conclusion. There are two (2) rounds of clarifications, Round 1 in June and Round 2 in August (please observe the deadlines on the schedule). In each round, each team may submit up to five (5) requests. Each request may contain one (1) question only. Please review below the requests submitted by all teams to avoid duplicate questions (and conserve your team's five requests).

Round 1

Req. No: 308 The legal status of HG-Pharma.
Is HG-Pharma a state-owned manufacturer?

Req. No: 334 Royalty
On what legal grounds did the High Court of Mercuria fix the royalty to be paid to Atton Boro Ltd. at 1% of HG-Pharma's total earnings ?

Req. No: 349 Taxes paid by Atton Boro
Does Atton Boro pay taxes in Basheera and/or in Mercuria?

Req. No: 366 Criteria for the determination of the seat
What do the local laws of Reef and Basheera provide regarding the determination of the seat of a company?

Req. No: 368 Patent in Basheera
Did Atton Boro and Company secure a patent for Valtervite in Basheera and assign it to Atton Boro Ltd?

Req. No: 351 Economic relationship
What is the state of economic relationship between Mercuria and Reef?

Req. No: 352 Price renegotiation under the LTA
What does the LTA say about price renegotiation?

Req. No: 353 Atton Boro's staff
Was the staff hired by Atton Boro a permanent staff?

Req. No: 357 President's power to promulgate legislation
Under Mercurian Law, is the President empowered to promulgate legislation/ amendment to legislation without passage by the Parliament?

Req. No: 365 License review
Was the license granted to HG-Pharma reviewed by an independent authority in Mercuria?

Req. No: 337 Shareholders composition and nationality?
What is the shareholders composition for Atton Boro Group, Atton Boro Limited and Atton Boro and Company as well as their nationalities?

Req. No: 287 Claimant's Place of Incorporation into ABG
Where is Atton Boro Group incorporated?

Req. No: 288 Legal Status of NHA
What is the legal status (parastatal entity, subordinate State organ, State-owned company, etc) of the National Health Authority?

Req. No: 292 Availability of Public Forum Discussing Amendment to Patent Law
Did Respondent provide a public forum to discuss changes to its amendment of patent law prior to its implementation?

Req. No: 291 Diagram of Claimant's Corporate Structure
Is it possible to be provided a diagram/outline of Claimant's corporate structure that includes its relationship with Atton Boro Company and ABG, which also details percentages of shares and ownership?

Req. No: 293 Consequence of A Party's Absence from a Court Proceeding
What does Respondent's civil procedural law provide about a Disputing Party's absence without good reason and consequences of such absence from a court proceeding?

Req. No: 371 Stabilization Clause
Is there a stabilization clause provision in the LTA between NHA and Atton Boro

Req. No: 372 Assets of Mercuria in other jurisdictions
Does Mercuria have any other assets in other countries that can be enforced by Atton Boro for the Award?

Req. No: 283 ICSID Convention
Whether Basheera and Mercuria are parties to the ICSID Convention?

Req. No: 284 Energy Charter Treaty
Whether the parties are a signatory to the Energy Charter Treaty?

Req. No: 285 European Convention on Human Rights
Whether Basheera and Mercuria are state parties to the European Convention on Human Rights?

Req. No: 286 MERCOSUR or African Economic Blocs
Whether Mercuria or Basheera are parties to MERCOSUR or any African economic blocs, including AFTZ, ECOWAS or ECCAS?

Req. No: 345 Respondent´s increased demand of Sanior
What was the difference – in nominal value or under the form of a percentage - between the amount of Sanior that Claimant had to supply under the terms of the LTA and that which Respondent required from Claimant during the renegotiation of the LTA?

Req. No: 346 Patent assignment
Was the assignment of the patent from Atton Boro Group to Atton Boro onerous or free?

Req. No: 347 Exportation
Are the countries where Mercuria exported the FDC drug for treating greyscale eligible importing members in the terms of the WTO General Council’s decision of 30 August 2003?

Req. No: 348 Mercuria High Court Decision on Royalties
How did the High Court of Mercuria justify setting a royalty of 1% of HG Pharma´s total earnings?

Req. No: 350 damages
What are the bases for Claimant´s request for USD 1,540,000,000 in damages?

Req. No: 316 Are Reef and Mercuria parties to the New York Convention
Please clarify whether Reef is a party to the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. And confirm whether Mercuria is a party to the same.

Req. No: 317 Organization of hearings
Please confirm whether participants are limited to structuring their Memorials as per the organization of hearings in Procedural Order 1.

Req. No: 318 Diplomatic Relationship
Does Mercuria maintain a diplomatic relationship with Reef.

Req. No: 320 Patent secured in Mercuria's neighbour States
Please confirm whether the 50 States where the patent for Valtervite was secured include the 3 States neighboring Mercuria.

Req. No: 384 terms of the agreement
Are there any details available of the contents of the Long Term Agreement signed between the Claimant and Respondent? Parts of the Agreement, specifically the dispute resolution clause, the obligations undertaken by the parties would be appreciated.

Req. No: 385 Award and findings
What were the arbitration rules that governed the Tribunal in issuing the Award--Are there any parts of the Award that can be made available to us, specifically to what extent the Tribunal there found that there was a breach by the Respondent of the LTA?

Req. No: 386 treaties in force
Are Mercuria, Basheera and/or Reef a signatory to the TRIPS and the Doha Convention?

Req. No: 387 legal basis for the license
Under what clause of the Mercuria Law was the license granted by Respondent?

Req. No: 259 Basis of NHA
What kind of domestic law is the NHA based upon?

Req. No: 263 Dispute Settlement Clause of LTA
What does the LTA stipulate in its dispute settlement clause?

Req. No: 261 The Invitation of NHA to Atton Boro
What does the invitation of the NHA to Atton Boro on page 29 paragraph 9 say specifically?

Req. No: 264 Basheera and TRIPs
Whether Basheera is a State Party to the TRIPs?

Req. No: 265 Employees to the Atton Boro
How are the manager and the accountant of the Atton Boro employed by the company?

Req. No: 359 Prior patent protection
Prior to amendment of Mercuria's IP Law, what was the requairment for protection of patent holder's rights ?

Req. No: 362 Details of activities and agreements of Atton Boro
What are the details of activities and agreements that Atton Boro concluded with both Mercurian government and NHA in relation to the investment as mentioned in paragraph 5 of page 28?

Req. No: 363 Current status of mercuria
What is the current status of the greyscale crisis in mercuria? Is the crisis controlled?

Req. No: 364 controlling the greyscale
Could mercurial avail itself to other means than the Sanior, in order to control the spread of greyscale?

Req. No: 370 Policy of BIT's concluding
What was the outward looking economic policy of Mercuria, by concluding Mercuria-Basheera BIT ?

Req. No: 374 settlement of dispute under article 9 BIT
has KINGDOM OF BASHEERA ever submitted a request under article 9 BIT for settlement of dispute between ATTON BORO LIMITED and REPUBLIC OF MERCURIA?

Req. No: 375 members of ICSID convention
Which one of those(REEF-KINGDOM OF BASHEERA-REPUBLIC OF MERCURIA) are member of ICSID convention?

Req. No: 376
is LTA under BIT Agreement?

Req. No: 377 expropriation
has the government of MERCURIA expropriated of the company after it has given the license to HG-Pharma under Law NO.8458/09?

Req. No: 383 Content of LTA
is LTA a International Commercial Agreement (Technology Transfer) under patent No.0187204 or a purely commercial supply arrangement?

Req. No: 301 Enforcement proceedings in Mercuria
How long does it usually take to enforce an arbitral award in Mercuria and is it usual for these proceedings to last 7 years?

Req. No: 305 Atton Boro's activities in Basheera
Is the information that Atton Boro has no commercial activity in Basheera contested (page 16 paragraph 5) and, in any event, what activity does Atton Boro conduct in Basheera?

Req. No: 303 Effects of the National Law
Were other investors affected by the enactment of the Intellectual Property Law (Law No. 8458/09), which introduced the provision allowing for the use of patented inventions without the authorization of their owners?

Req. No: 304 Health emergency and negotiations
Were the negotiations required by Article 4.d of the Law No. 8458/09 conducted on a fairly reasonable commercial basis (e.g. considering the profit margin and research and development costs of Atton Boro) or did the government of Mercuria recognize a health emergency that allowed for the negotiations to be bypassed?

Req. No: 306 Doha Declaration applicability
Is Mercuria a least developed country?

Req. No: 328 Intellectual Property Law 1976
What is the exact wording of a clause from Intellectual Property Law 1976 which ensures royalties for an owner deprived of his intellectual property exclusivity by virtue of S. 23 C?

Req. No: 329 Sanior supply to NHA
Were there any shortages in supply of Sanior to NHA?

Req. No: 330 Atton Boro's unsatisfactory performance
According to the National Health Authority what exactly were the circumstances of Atton Boro's unsatisfactory performance of the LTA, which were cited on the occasion of terminating the LTA?

Req. No: 331 LTA provision on termination
Does the LTA include any provisions with regard to termination of the agreement?

Req. No: 333 Dispute resolution clause in the LTA
What is the wording of a dispute resolution clause in the LTA?

Req. No: 307 Claimant's Margins and Negotations
What would the Claimant's margins have been if the larger discount the Respondent had requested had been granted and what actions did Claimant do to evaluate this proposal?

Req. No: 314 Atton Boro's Initial Award
From which arbitral tribunal (according to the arbitration clause in the LTA agreement) was the award to Atton Boro (Atton Boro v. NHA) issued?

Req. No: 315 Mercuria Grounds for HG-Pharma License under 23(C)
With regards to the granting of the licence by the High Court of Mercuria, what were the grounds for the license decided by the court (Out of the three listed under the Mercurian Law No. 8458/09, 23C (1): (a),(b), or (c))?

Req. No: 325 Ownership in Activities by Atton Boro Group
Does Atton Boro Ltd. participate/have ownership in the activities conducted by Atton Boro Group in Basheera, referred to in Line 863 of the Moot case as "established presence in the Basheeran pharmaceutical Market"?

Req. No: 326 Relevant Treaties for The People's Republic of Reef
Is The People's Republic of Reef a party to the New York Convention (Convention of the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 1958)?

Req. No: 327 Meaning of Provision
What is the meaning of "patented invention is not worked in the territory of Mercuria" in Section 23C (1) (c) in Law No. 8458/09 in Annexure No. 4?

Req. No: 335 Location of Mercuria
Is Mercuria a country in South America/Africa?

Req. No: 336 Law governing NHA
Is NHA governed/empowered by any law in Mercuria with respect to its functioning?

Req. No: 275 Arbitration rules
Could you please clarify the grounds for proceeding on the basis of PCA Arbitration Rules 2012?

Req. No: 277 Commercial presence in Basheera
Is the commercial activity of Atton Boro Group in Basheera conducted on its own behalf or through Atton Boro Limited?

Req. No: 279 Judicial procedure obligations
Is the Republic of Mercuria a party to any other BIT or any investment treaty which contains explicit domestic judicial review obligations?

Req. No: 280 Mercuria procedural rules
What are the relevant rules in Mercuria domestic law relating to the ex parte court proceedings?

Req. No: 281 Opportunity to comment
Did Atton Boro have an opportunity to express its opinion in the process of adopting compulsory licensing law and/or during the judicial proceedings for granting a license to HG-Pharma?

Req. No: 388 Notice of Arbitration
Atton boro is an investor of Mercuria. Kindly clarify this line? pg.3 para.4

Req. No: 273 Mercuria and TRIPs
Is Mercuria a State Party to the TRIPs?

Req. No: 274 Atton Boro's activity
What is the extent of Atton Boro's commercial activity in Basheera?

Req. No: 294 Applicability of WTO agreements
Are Mercuria and Basheera parties to/signatories of agreements other than TRIPS?

Req. No: 295 Article 8 of BIT
Which of the three applicable laws mentioned in Article 8 of the BIT have been chosen for the present dispute?

Req. No: 332 Article 11 of the BIT
Are there any laws/international obligations existing between Mercuria and Basheera that entitle the investors of one Contracting Party to a treatment more favourable than the present agreement?

Req. No: 319 arbitration clause in the LTA
Can you please provide the text of the dispute resolution clause in the Long Term Agreement?

Req. No: 321 Procurement of Valvervite in 2008-2010
What arrangement was used by Mercuria / NHA to procure Valvervite in the period between termination of the LTA and issue of compulsory license (commencement of production by HG Pharma)?

Req. No: 323 Effect of the compulsory license on Atton Boro's business in Mercuria
What was the effect of drop of sales and eventual cessation of sales on Atton Boro's business in Mercuria?

Req. No: 367 operations of Atton Boro Limited
Please provide a list of activities of (business conducted by) Atton Boro Limited in Basheera

Req. No: 309 Legislative process
How was the legislative process that resulted in Mercuria’s National Legislation to Amend its Intellectual Property Law, in terms of stakeholders participation and media report?

Req. No: 310 High Court decision
In considering HG Pharma’s application, did the High Court consider the conditions listed under section 23(C)(4) or hold that the clause was not applicable?

Req. No: 311 HG Pharma ties with Mercuria
Which are HG Pharma ties with the Mercurian government, if any?

Req. No: 312 Lenght of proceedings
Compared to the time that it usually takes for an arbitral award to be enforced in Mercuria, for how much longer Claimant’s enforcement proceeding is pending?

Req. No: 313 Amount of damages
As for damages, how much of the total amount corresponds to each claim?

Req. No: 296 The Atton Boro Group’s “established presence” in Basheera
Does the Atton Boro Group still retain today an “established presence” in Basheera’s pharmaceutical market, and in which form?

Req. No: 297 Circumstances surrounding the non-payment of royalties by HG-Pharma
Why did Atton Boro not receive any payment of the royalties that were provided for by the High Court’s decision on 17 April 2010, e.g. did it request such payment?

Req. No: 298 Ultimate ownership and control of Atton Boro and Company
Who are the natural persons who ultimately own or control Atton Boro and Company?

Req. No: 299 Diplomatic relations with Reef and other third States
What is the state of Mercuria’s diplomatic relations with Reef, and other non-contracting parties?

Req. No: 300 The validity of the termination of the LTA for “unsatisfactory performance” under Clause 6
What were the principal arguments of the NHA to argue that the termination of the Long-Term Agreement was valid and the main counterarguments of Atton Boro Limited?

Req. No: 270 Treaty between People's Republic of Reef and Republic of Mercuria
Is there a treaty between People’s Republic of Reef and Republic of Mercuria regarding foreign investments and/or dispute resolution mechanism arising from these investments?

Req. No: 271 Controlling law of the LTA
Regarding the Long Term Agreement (LTA), what controls? Is it Mercurian law or is Atton Boro Limited able to choose which law (People's Republic of Reef or Kingdom of Basheera) governs the LTA?

Req. No: 276 Claimant's Denial of Rights by the Respondent's issuance of license to HG Pharma
Was the claimant notified by the Respondent prior to or after the grant of the non-voluntary license to HG Pharma for the production of the patented ingredient, Valtervite?

Req. No: 278 Copy of Long Term Agreement (LTA)
Can we be provided of the copy of the LTA between NHA and the Claimant for the supply of greyscale treatment drug, Sanior?

Req. No: 282 Laws of Basheera governing limited liability companies such as the Claimant
Are companies with limited liability such as the Claimant afforded legal status?

Req. No: 266 The Task of the employees of Atton Boro
What the manager and accountant of Atton Boro do as their tasks?

Req. No: 267 Bank Account of Atton Boro
Whether Atton Boro owned its bank account in the territory of Basheera?

Req. No: 268 Article 4 of the BIT
Shouldn't Paragraphs 1 or 2 of Article 4 of the BIT collected?

Req. No: 269 The Travel of the Counsel of NHA
What was the purpose of the travel conducted by the counsel of NHA?

Req. No: 272 New York Convention and Basheera
Are Reef and Basheera State Parties to the New York Convention?

Req. No: 378 Compensation for losses in other contracts
How was the treatment when other foreign investors claimed compensation for losses in other BITs terminations?

Req. No: 379 Patent registration in other States
Does Atton Boro has a Valtervite patent registration in the three other neighboring States of Mercuria that received HG Pharma’s generic version of Valtervite?

Req. No: 380 License to use patent's data
Has HG-Pharma made any efforts to obtain license from Atton Boro to use its patent’s data?

Req. No: 381 Diplomatic relationships
Does the Republic of Mercuria have a diplomatic relationship with The People’s Republic of Reef?

Req. No: 382 Setting aside awards
Has the Mercuria National Health Authority made any attempts to set aside the award?

Round 2

Req. No: 401 Greyscale
Is greyscale epidemic only sexually transmited?

Req. No: 403 International Convenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights?
Are Mercuria and Basheera a part of the International Convenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights?

Req. No: 407 Presidential tweet
Is the President of Mercuria's twitter account used as a vehicle of government's policies? Is the twitter account verified?

Req. No: 430 Sanior producing costs
What is the variable producing cost per unit of Sanior and the fixed cost of the factory?

Req. No: 436 Market Share
What was the value of Sanior's market share?

Req. No: 437 Location of Basheera
Is Basheera located in South America or Africa?

Req. No: 438 Fast tracked process
What are the requirements under Mercurian law for a subject to be heard in a fast - tracked process?

Req. No: 439 Voluntary license
What would be the value of a voluntary license for Valtervite?

Req. No: 456 Assignment of the Mercurian patent
When was the Mercurian Patent for Valtervite assigned to Claimant ?

Req. No: 469 Atton Boro Group affiliates
When did the Atton Boro Group affiliates acquire the shares of Claimant?

Req. No: 471 Public policy objection
What did the NHA change in its public policy objection in the proceedings before the High Court of Mercuria after its amendment application was granted?

Req. No: 472 Evolution of greyscale disease
How did the greyscale evolve from the termination of the LTA until the present day?

Req. No: 473 Grant of licence
On which of the three grounds of Law No.8458/09 did the Court grant the licence to HG-Pharma?

Req. No: 447 Greyscale program
Where there any changes in the status of government greyscale program after Valtervite price reduction?

Req. No: 448 Greyscale treatment
What treatment did patients receive in period between the LTA termination, granting the license to HG-Pharma and/or start of HG-Pharma delivery?

Req. No: 450 Healthcare in Mercuria
Are other critical diseases in Mercuria successfully controlled by use of original or generic drugs?

Req. No: 454 Procedural conduct
What procedural remedies are available for parties in national courts proceedings under the laws of Mercuria?

Req. No: 446 Clarification on the meaning
What is implied by the word ‘survival’ in line 1369 of the Record?

Req. No: 420 Grant of licence to HG Pharma
Was Atton Boro impleaded as a party in the mater of grant of licence to HG Pharma to manufacture Sanior, before the High Court of Mercuria?

Req. No: 421 Notification to Atton Boro
Was Atton Boro notified about the grant of compulsory license to manufacture Sanior?

Req. No: 422 Humanitarian aid to neighbouring countries.
The three countries to which the Republic of Mercuria exported Sanior as humanitarian aid, were LDC/Developing/ Developed countries ? What portion of the production of drug Sanior was exported by HG-Pharma to these countries?

Req. No: 474 Notice of Arbitration
In paragraph 39 of Exhibit 1 i.e.., Notice of Arbitration what constitutes as "merits" on which it is said that the matter was said to have been posted on arguments on 10th November 2015.

Req. No: 431

Req. No: 426 Nationality of Atton Boro and Company's ultimate individual beneficiaries
What is the nationality of the individuals who ultimately control Atton Boro and Company?

Req. No: 432 Mercuria's officials
Did Mercuria's governmental officials participate in the negotiations of the LTA?

Req. No: 433 Partnership NHA and Atton Boro
What exact activities did the strategic partnership between the NHA and Atton Boro envisage?

Req. No: 434 Notion of Investment
How was the supply price under the LTA calculated? Was it adjusted corresponding to inflation etc.?

Req. No: 435 Notion of Investment
Were Respondent’s payment obligations under the LTA supported by any payment guarantee?

Req. No: 476 Compulsory license Adequate Remuneration
How much were HG Pharma's annual total earnings after the compulsory license was granted to it?

Req. No: 462 Adequate remuneration
How much were HG Pharma's annual total earnings after the compulsory license was granted to it?

Req. No: 463 Ratione materiae.
Was the assignment of the patent from Atton Boro Group to Atton Boro onerous or free?

Req. No: 464 TRIPS Agreement.
When did Mercuria ratify the TRIPS Agreement?

Req. No: 465 Adequate remuneration.
Which was Atton Boro Group’s R&D cost to develop Valtervite?

Req. No: 466 Investment
When and by whom (Atton Boro Ltd. or any other Atton Boro Group's company) was Sanior developped?

Req. No: 395 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
Are Mercuria and Basheera Parties to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT)?

Req. No: 396 Non-voluntary licenses before the Law 8458/09
Does Mercuria has the possibility to issue non-voluntary licenses before the Law 8458/09?

Req. No: 397 Challenge of the High Court decision
Does Mercuria's law provides the patent holder the possibility to question the validity of the non-voluntary license and the royalty, after being granted, before a higher authority?

Req. No: 398 United Nations
Is Mercuria and Basheera signatories to the United Nations?

Req. No: 399 Economic development
Are the neighboring states of Mercuria least developed countries?

Req. No: 412 wto membership
Are the three neighbor countries that imported humanitarian aid from Mercuria WTO Members and/or LDCs?

Req. No: 413 patent
Did Atton Boro or others have the Valtervite patent registered in the three beighbor countries?

Req. No: 414 power
Did Minister of Health or President have the power to participate the process of legisaltion?

Req. No: 415 prior negotiation
Did Atton Boro make any effort to collect its royalty from HG-Pharma?

Req. No: 416 ownership
Is HG-Pharma state-owned?

Req. No: 410 NHA's classification
What is the legal classification of the NHA within the Mercuria's legislation?

Req. No: 441 Directors of Atton Boro Limited
What is the nationality of the directors of Atton Boro Company?

Req. No: 442 NHA's Annual Report
Whether the NHA's Annual Report of 2006 was published after adequate scientific research to qualify as authoritative admissible evidence before an arbitral tribunal?

Req. No: 443 Royalty rates in Mercuria
What were the going royalty rates in Mercuria for drugs to treat incurable, non-fatal drugs in 2009-2010?

Req. No: 444 Mercuria's Economic Indicators
Please provide relevant economic indicators such as the per capita income of Mercuria.

Req. No: 445 Alternative Treatment(s) to Greyscale
Please provide the specifics of any alternative treatment(s) to Greyscale that are available in Mercuria.

Req. No: 423 NHA
Does Mercurian government have any official, i.e. institutional power over NHA, its employees or activities?

Req. No: 424 NHA_structure
Is NHA financially independent?

Req. No: 425 Appleattion
Does Supreme Court of Merucia have the jurisdiction over enforcement matters as an appellate court? If not, is there any other appellate body in this matter?

Req. No: 440 Applicable law
Did the LTA arbitral tribunal decide that dispute based on Mercurian law?

Req. No: 457 Transition period between suppliers
What was the temporary solution found by the NHA to provide medicines to its people between the termination of the LTA and the grant of a compulsory license to HG-Pharma?

Req. No: 458 Public Policy rules allegedly violated by the enforcement of the Award
According to the NHA, enforcing the Award would be “contrary to public policy” (SoUF para 18): what mandatory rules of Mercurian law would be violated by such enforcement?

Req. No: 459 Preventing transmission of greyscale by the intake of Valtervite
Does the intake of Valtervite prevent affected patients from transmitting greyscale to healthy persons?

Req. No: 460 Origin of the funds invested in Mercuria
Did Atton Boro and Company provide funds to Atton Boro Ltd to set up its manufacturing unit in Mercuria, as well as to perform the agreements it entered into with the NHA from 1998 onwards?

Req. No: 461 Enforcement proceedings of the Award
What is the current status of the Award enforcement proceedings?

Req. No: 429 Legal System
Do the countries involved (Reef, Basheera and Mercuria) have civil law or common law systems?

Req. No: 451 LTA arbitration
Was the LTA arbitration ad hoc or institutional and, in the latter case, under the auspices of what chamber were the proceedings conducted?

Req. No: 452 Claimant's taxes in Mercuria
Does Atton Boro regularly pay taxes in Basheera?

Req. No: 453 Precise meaning of "fast-tracked process"
In Mercuiran procedural law, is a "fast-tracked process" a special type of proceeding or simply an ordinary proceeding made more expedite due to the case's specific circumstances?

Req. No: 404 Location manufacturing base
Is the manufacturing base located in Mercuria managed by AB Basheera?

Req. No: 405 Courts
Is the court which decided the enforcement of the award the same court which decided on the compulsory licensing?

Req. No: 406 Revenues
What is the percentage of the overall revenues of AB Basheera with regards to AB Group (Holding)?

Req. No: 408 Law No. 232/76
Does Law No. 232/76 contemplate any available remedy that could be initiated by Atton Boro in order to challenge it's implementation?

Req. No: 475
Does the Atton Boro Group have subsidiaries within the jurisdictions where Atton Boro Limited administers the patents?

Req. No: 477
Was the Patent’s assignment onerous or free?

Req. No: 478
Which was the treatment provided to greyscale patients between the termination of the LTA and the granting of the licence to HG-Pharma?

Req. No: 479
Were there any previous negotiations between Atton Boro Limited and HG-Pharma regarding the licence for Valtervite?

Req. No: 480
Does Atton Boro Limited manufacture and sell products in the Basheeran market?

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