Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot

About FDI Moot

Increasing international investment, the proliferation of international investment treaties, domestic legislation, and international investment contracts have contributed to the development of a new field of international law that defines obligations between host States and foreign investors and refers to internationalised procedures (e.g. ICSID) for resolving related disputes. These disputes involve not only vast sums, but also a panoply of rights, duties, and shifting objectives at the juncture of national and international law and policy. The FDI Moot helps future lawyers attain a practical understanding of these issues. The case and hearings offer a unique forum for academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss developments - and assess emerging talents. The FDI Moot spans approximately six months each year in two phases, written memorials for claimant and respondent and the hearing of oral argument with regional or national rounds for Asia Pacific (Seoul), South Asia (New Delhi), Kenya (Nairobi), Ethiopia (Dire Dawa) and Viet Nam (Ho Chi Minh City), and pre moots in Budapest, St Petersburg, Sao Paulo and Warsaw.

2020 Globals
6-9 November
Seoul, Korea
FDI Moot Global Orals 6-9 November 2020 Seoul, Korea. Image Credits: Pixabay.

Asia-Pacific Teams

In 2020, Asia-Pacific teams may participate directly in the Globals (no AP Regional). National limits may apply.

Team Registration

Team Registration begins 1 January 2020.

2020 Case

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