Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot

Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot

2021 Globals Orals (Virtual)

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27 October 2021

10:00 UTC Team Sign in East
11:00 UTC Team Q&A East (Team Captains only)
12:00 UTC Opening Ceremony
13:00 UTC Team Sign in West
14:00 UTC Team Q&A West (Team Captains only)

28 October 2021

09:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings I
11:30 UTC Preliminary Hearings II
14:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings III

29 October 2021

09:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings IV
11:30 UTC Preliminary Hearings V
14:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings VI

30 October 2021

09:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings VII
11:30 UTC Preliminary Hearings VIII
14:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings IX

31 October 2021

09:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings X
11:30 UTC
Preliminary Hearings XI
14:00 UTC Preliminary Hearings XII
16:30 UTC Announcement of Round or 32 Teams

1 November 2021

11:30 UTC Round of 32
14:00 UTC Announcement of Round of 16 Pairings and Arbitrator Appointment for Round of 16 Matches
15:00 UTC Round of 16
17:00 UTC Announcement of Quarter Final Pairings and Arbitrator Appointment for Quarter Final Matches

2 November 2021

12:00 UTC Quarter Finals
14:30 UTC Semi Finals / 5th Place Matches

3 November 2021

14:30 UTC Final Match / 3rd Place Match
followed by Announcements of Awards

Side Event 25 October 2021


Increasing international investment, the proliferation of international investment treaties, domestic legislation, and international investment contracts have contributed to the development of a new field of international law that defines obligations between host States and foreign investors and refers to internationalised procedures (e.g. ICSID) for resolving related disputes. These disputes involve not only vast sums, but also a panoply of rights, duties, and shifting objectives at the juncture of national and international law and policy. The FDI Moot helps future lawyers attain a practical understanding of these issues. The case and hearings offer a unique forum for academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss developments - and assess emerging talents.

What characterises the FDI Moot? It's about arbitration - so like the Vis? It involves public international law – so like the Jessup? Well, while we agree that the FDI Moot unites some characteristics of these renowned competitions, FDI Moot also introduces other aspects of international dispute resolution and business law, like foreign investment(duh!), corporate structures & procedures, licensing, environmental law, IP, damages,... The FDI Moot also has some special features – its Globals are in November and the Global venue rotates among major world dispute resolution centres. Teams compete under aliases to avoid (perceived) biases in favour of (or against) famous universities. And of course our competitors and arbitrators are the BEST :-)

The FDI Moot spans approximately four months each year in two phases, written memorials for claimant and respondent due in September and the oral hearings in late-October/early-November. Regional or national rounds (Africa, Asia Pacific, South Asia, China, Vietnam, ...) in July and August may precede these, and several pre moots (non-competive practice) are held in late-September and October.

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