Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot


The FDI Moot College of Arbitrators and Judges comprises established practitioners and academics (minimum three years post graduation, different rules may apply to alumni) in the fields of international arbitration, investment regulation, construction law and international economic law who support the FDI Moot by making themselves available to serve as arbitrators or memorandum judges in each year's Competition.

Arbitrators conduct three or more 90-minute hearings during the days of orals, and in preparation for the Orals review a minimum of three memorials. Memorandum judges do not participate in the orals but assist in reviewing and scoring a minimum of three memorials in the month prior to orals.

Arbitrators and judges are appointed from the College in consultation with the Administrative Office for each year's Competition a few months before the oral hearings.

In appointing the arbitrators for the final and third place panels, the organisers shall require of the candidates:
1. Expertise in investor-State Arbitration, the ability to manage a hearing, and engage counsel in an educational context; and
2. A commitment a) to review two of the best memorials for claimant and two of the best memorials for respondent, and b) to participate in a 1-hour preparatory session on the eve or morning of the hearings in order to be thoroughly familiar with the case and arguments.

The organisers will also take into account:
1. Each arbitrator's renown so as to add to the prestige of the competition; and
2. The overall diversity of the panel, so that it reflects not only the composition of investor-State tribunals currently but also how in the future they may better represent the profession, stakeholders, and the international community. In particular, the organisers may consider it desirable to have a mix of arbitrators from civil, common law or other legal traditions, from developed and developing states, of women and men of different ethnicities.

The organisers intend to offer the chairs of each year's case and bench brief committees a place on the final or third place panel, in light of the requirement of familiarity and their ability to lead a preparatory session.