Case Committee 2020

Each year's FDI Moot Case Committee is selected the preceding year and begins its work in June. Liaising with the FDI Moot's Advsiory Board, in particular Mr Usoskin and Mr Martini, and its Directors, the Committee develops a factual and procedural context and the issues to be argued in the competition. It submits a concept and then first draft to review boards of academics and practitioners. The revised draft is then approved, proof-read and formatted by the end of the year, and then published.

The Case will be published in early February.

Nikita Kondrashov
Lucas Diniz
Dimitriy Mednikov

Past Cases


The 2019 case...

The 2019 case involves the Respondent State blocking social media platforms for their alleged part in fomenting civil unrest. The three Claimants allege expropriation and violation of fair and equitable treatment, while the Respondent objects to the ICSID tribunal’s jurisdiction on the basis of its denunciation of the ICSID Convention and the plurality of Claimants. The Respondent also seeks to enjoin the Claimants’ international media campaign against it while the proceedings are in progress.

Marilena Chrysanthakopoulou
Veronika Lakhno
Aliki-Athina Papanastasiou
Alexandra Samsonova


The 2018 case...

Prakshal Jain
Julia Therese Pineda
Bernardo Rohden Pires
Elis Wendpap


The 2017 case...

Lynnette Lee
Anand Mohan
Liana Stoica
Christian Campbell


The 2016 case...

Patrycja Treder
Tirth Bhatt
Christian Campbell


The 2015 case...

Karen Seif
Ivo Skolil
Richard E Walck
Pierre-Maurice Heijmen
Christian Campbell


The 2014 case...

Dafina Atanasova
Daniel Barbosa
Ana Carolina Dall'Agnol
Josef Ostranský


The 2013 case...

Ardeshir Atai
Monika Diehl
Anna Maria Galinska
Matthew Hodgson
Nima Mersadi Tabari
David Seidl
Koji Takahashi


The 2012 case...

Otylia Babiak


The 2011 case...

Irina Natacha Gedwillo


The 2010 case...

Markus Perkhams
Christian Campbell
Christopher Gibson


The 2009 case...

Christopher Gibson


The 2008 case involves ...

Christian Campbell

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