Founding Institutions

Initiated in 2006 by the Center for International Legal Studies (CILS), Suffolk, Pepperdine, DIS, King's College London and CILS established the FDI Moot as an ambitious new international competition focusing on investor-State disputes. CILS organises the FDI Moot with Christian Campbell (CILS) and Christopher Gibson (SULS) acting as directors. The Global venue rotates each year, and meanwhile there are Regionals for Asia-Pacific, South Asia and Africa.

Founder Representatives

Jack J. Coe, Jr.
Christopher Gibson
Francesca Mazza
Federico Ortino

Advisory Board

The FDI Moot's Advisory Board is composed of distinguished academics and practitioners in international arbitration and international investment regulation. They lend their prestige to the competition and guide its organisers. Their assistance includes supervising the development of each year's case and bench brief, monitoring the mode of competition, and seeking ways to improve access to the FDI Moot for teams from all parts of the world.

Diego Brian Gosis
James Hosking
SaeYoun Kim
Silvia Marchili
Pedro Martini
Wendy J. Miles, QC
Sophie Nappert
Timothy G. Nelson
Sergey Usoskin

Review Boards

Two Review Boards, one of academics and one of practitioners, review each year's case proposal, providing the case committeees with invaluable guidance in the development of their cases and ensuring the academic integrity and practical relevance of the hypotheticals.


Andrew Newcombe
Sergey Ripinsky
Mavluda Sattorova
Koji Takahashi


Andrey Panov
Luciana Ricart
Sebastian Wuschka

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