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Teams registered for this year's FDI Moot may take part in several pre-moots. Please note that until all this year's pre-moots are set, we will retain information about the previous year's pre-moots* as an indication of likely venues (and dates).


4th Annual Budapest Pre Moot

12-13 October 2018

Hosted at and organised by Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law (email:

You may also visit Budapest FDI Moot Facebook Page.


1st Paris Pre Moot

19 October 2018


3rd Annual Sao Paulo Pre Moot

20-21 October 2018

Hosted at Tozzine Freire Advogados, sponsored by IBRACHINA.

IBRACHINA is a cultural institute recently founded to promote relations between Brazil and China, including assisting students engaged in international activities. IBRACHINA are supporting the Sao Paulo pre-moot and hosting the opening event at their headquarters, which is located at Paulista Avenue - one of Sao Paulo's tourist attractions. IBRACHINA is also sponsoring a cash prize for the winning team in the amount of US$ 5k (payable by cheque in BRL according to the exchange rate applicable on 21 October 2018).

The Sao Paulo pre-moot organisers are Luísa Quintão and Lucas Diniz (email:


8th Annual Warsaw Pre Moot

26-27 October 2018

Hosted at and organised by University of Warsaw (email:


1st Annual Dublin FDI Pre-Moot

1 November 2019

Organsied by Arbitration Ireland at the Dublin Dispute Resolution Centre, the pre-moot is expected to feature, inter alia, the following arbitrators: Pierre-Yves Tschanz, David Herlihy, Tim Foden, Audley Sheppard, Michael Collins, Gavin Woods, Colm O'hOisin, Klaus Reichert, and Rose Fisher.

Additional details will follow in due course. After 1 June, enquiries about the Dublin FDI Pre-Moot may be sent via


2nd Annual Saint Petersburg Pre Moot

2-3 November 2018

Co-organised by The Arbitration Center at the Institute of Modern Arbitration and Saint Petersburg State University, hosted at Saint Petersburg State University (email:

Further information can be found at the St Petersburg FDI Pre Moot Organizing Committee Invitation.

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