Team Registration

1. Submit the form below (only once per team); 2. Activate the registration by clicking the link we email you; 3. Login and confirm; and 4. Pay the registration fee promptly. Please do not use ALL CAPS in the forms.

Step 1 - Registration Form


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We consent to the processing of team members' personal data for the purposes of the FDI Moot only.

The Registration Fee is €700 for teams from High and Very High HDI Countries, €450 for those from Meduim HDI Countries and €225 for those from Low HDI Countries, based on the UNDP Human Development Indicators.

We have arranged with the local organisers subsidised registration fees for the South Asia (Kachwaha & Partners) and Africa (Africa Nazarene University) Regionals and for the Viet Nam National (Viet Nam Society of International Law).

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